About Us

In 2015, we began with a dream of wanting to build a more sophisticated and beautiful space for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and innovation. We aimed to create a close-knit network of people, businesses, and friends. As a result, we’ve developed into a family – the Ucommune Community. An environment where you can be yourself, where you can develop and pursue any goals you desire. We started with a passion of redesigning the traditional office workspace. Our foundation has always been to provide the highest quality of service along with the best work environment possible. Because, you truly deserve it.

The Ucommune Advantage

Our goals and vision for the future doesn’t end with the small and large businesses that collectively come together and join our family. We were built with the idea of empowering everyone around us. And at the core of it all, our team makes it possible. We believe in the value of passion, the ability of skill, the essence of creativity, and the power of dreams. As a result, we make sure that each team member develops his or her own traits and create something that shakes the world. To innovate and progress. Our team is here to help.

The Ucommune Foundation


We are visionaries, dreamers and doers. We are the people who imagine, create, invent, and change. We aim to challenge ourselves and the norm.


We believe in teamwork and shared effort. We care for each other and believe in everyone’s abilities and dreams.


Quality and service, we always try to provide at the highest level. We aim to do this not for the short term but for the long term continuously.


We value everyone in our community. We are respectful to our team and our members, regardless of status, wealth, or ability.

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