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We believe convenience in such a fast-paced, competitive world means all the difference. We understand location means everything. From easier commuting to more convenience in finding that perfect spot for lunch, a good location in the city can make or break your overall work experience. Allow our network of over 200 locations help you in discovering that prime location for all your needs.

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Located in the western parts of Singapore, Launchpad at One North is home to many established research institutes. It is an innovative hotspot that brings together R&D, innovation and experimental platforms.

Located at the center of Singapore, Suntec City is well-connected via 4 MRT lines. The bustling retail and active office environment attracts many well-known enterprises across all industries to set up their offices here.

OUE Downtown is located at the Central Business District area of Singapore and is easily accessible via the 4 major MRT lines. The area is bustling with business activities across multiple industries.

Bugis Junction is located at the one of the busiest streets in Singapore and is very accessible via the Downtown line and East West line. 

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What are the benefits of our vast network?

Convenience is a major priority. With a Ucommune Membership, you can travel to any of our co-working spaces, use that location’s dedicated desk, meeting rooms, and phone rooms if available. You can arrange meetings with your clients at their any of our  locations, at your convenience. 

Another key to our large network of locations is the freedom and ability to travel and work anywhere we are. Have a seminar or meeting in Shanghai but still want to get some work done? You’re all set. Just find a nearby Ucommune office, get an available seat, and start working!