All You Need Plus More

The True Meaning of “Having a Ucommune Office Space”

You need privacy, security, and a peace of mind to focus. We hear that the co-working environment can sometimes be overwhelming and not suited for the focus innovation requires. Our Private Office Spaces allow you to escape the hectic atmosphere of working. Our office membership plans offer full guarantee of a private space with full autonomy at your desired location, including complimentary services of printing, mail and package handling, and reliable internet. Our offices come completely furnished with desks, chairs, drawers, and installed with an advanced Bluetooth door lock security system. We also offer customization of decor and certain design elements to fit your unique needs and company culture. No matter the size of your team or the size of your ideal private space, we promise there’s a fit for you.

Size Matters.
The Bigger, The Better.

When we say we offer a range of offices that meets all team needs and sizes, we mean it. We understand that a big, spacious private space can be hard to find or often limited in supply at any co-working space provider. That’s why we specialize in large office spaces and we have a huge quantity of them.

The difference in Ucommune is our ability to utilize every inch of space and offer a product and service that is incomparable to other co-working spaces. At Ucommune, we make sure there’s enough space plus extra to go around. We want you to enjoy your work and to do it comfortably.

The Essentials Plus More

What do you really get when you have an office?

IoT Security

Bluetooth security door lock and facial recognition system for the front door allows you to work around the clock, 24 hours a day


Pick the primary location for your office space – what's most convenient for easy access to transportation, food, and other basic needs

Meeting Rooms

Available for all members with a private office space. Ask about monthly credit allowance and usage for your personal meeting room bookings

Phone Rooms

Get anytime usage of our private phone rooms for your calls or privacy for one-on-one meetings

Private, Secure & Spacious

Why wait? Let's get to business. Schedule a tour and see for yourself.